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Completee measurement solutions.
DONSUN AMI Solution empowers utilities to manage routine and critical data collection system and operations, offloading the burden of day-to-day management tasks and freeing utility staff to focus on gaining more benefits and capabilities from their systems.
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The successful range of energy meter by DONSUN covers the up-to-date standardized smart energy meters, smart prepayment energy meters with various communication capabilities.
The DS1600 can be a simple import meter or for import/export, domestic or small-scale generation sites.
The DS1600 provides modular communication platforms, including GSM/GPRS, PLC and Low Power Radio for WAN/LAN communications.
DS3600 Three Phase Smart Meter
The DS3600 is a highly accurate, robust, system ready meter that is ideally suited for commercialand light industrial metering applications.
We at DONSUN are seeing the significant importance of taking the international standards in our work, products and solutions. We have now been certificated with ISO 9001, STS, and DLMS. We have obtained more than 100 Certificates in Software Copyrights Property and Hardware Patents. Full Intellectual Property and Design belongs solely to DONSUN
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